Fueled by Caffeine and Christ

We Need to Change (pt. 1)

November 19, 2021 Chris Clark and Justin Luciano Season 1 Episode 15
Fueled by Caffeine and Christ
We Need to Change (pt. 1)
Show Notes

We're Back!
After a month or so break, Justin and Chris are joined by Steven "Puff" Carlaw to discuss an extremely difficult topic that is plaguing our churches across the world.  Our conversation steered us in the direction of the spiritual warfare being waged in the form of complacency and comfort.  How do we fight the urge to stay home from church on a Sunday morning and get that extra hour of sleep when fellowshipping with other believers is such a necessity for the growth of our spiritual lives and the lives of our churches?  Why is church fellowship so important anyway?

This episode is part 1 of our conversation, so be looking for episode 2 coming out soon. 

To read the article that Justin references, click on this link.

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