Fueled by Caffeine and Christ

We Need to Change (pt. 2)

December 03, 2021 Chris Clark and Justin Luciano Season 1 Episode 16
Fueled by Caffeine and Christ
We Need to Change (pt. 2)
Show Notes

Justin and Chris return to their conversation with Steven Carlaw about the spiritual warfare that is being waged in our church bodies and the mindset that church leadership needs to have as we seek to correct mistakes that have been made in the past.  This was a very poignant conversation that we all need to be having in order to see change and growth happen.  We can never learn from our mistakes if we aren't shown that we are making them in the first place!

We really appreciate Steven spending a lot of time with us discussing these issues.  He was fired up just like we both were as we talked. 

As always, we are eagerly seeking feedback on what we have discussed over the last two episodes.  Please reach out to us because we want to keep the conversation going.  It can't just stop at this discussion and that be it.  We need to be pushing ourselves to make changes if God has change set in front of us whether corporately in our churches or in our own individual lives. 

If you have not done so yet, please go back and listen to "We Need To Change (pt. 1)" so that you are not completely lost!

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